Success Stories

Legacy welcomed Tyler and his service dog, Zoey, to school with open arms. They’ve worked closely with our family to ensure Tyler could attend school safely, be cared for according to his needs, and feel like any other student. We’ve never felt so sure about choice to send Tyler to Legacy.

Rochelle A.

parent, Casa Grande

As a gifted student, we knew our son needed to be challenged academically. My son is a testament to how a consistent, structured environment, along with an amazing teacher, brings out the best in a child. He is actually excited about learning and feels like a valuable contributor in the classroom.

Melanie W.

parent, Maricopa

Our son loves routine and has always been resistant to change. We were concerned how difficult it would be for a 6-year-old to transfer to a new school in November, but the Legacy teachers and staff made it an easy transition. He is loving school and, after just two days, came home reading his first book! He was full of confidence and proud of his accomplishment. He already has absorbed more knowledge in six days at Legacy than during the entire three months at his previous school. We cannot praise this school enough.

Shelly B.

parent, NW Tucson

We wanted our son to feel part of a school family while receiving a top notch education. The dedication, devotion and true compassion-from the teachers and administrators-demonstrate to us that Legacy truly embraces their mission statement.

Janelle L.

parent, Chandler (Athlos)

There are numerous reasons why my family loves Legacy Traditional Schools but the number one reason we love Legacy is the difference it has made in my son’s life; No more struggling with school, not finishing his work and visits to the principal!

Michelle F.

parent, Gilbert

After transferring our two boys to Athlos, our younger son continued to excel in academics as he had before, but our older son grew by leaps and bounds in less than a year. The quality and quantity of his academic work made us marvel at the improvement. With Athlos’ emphasis on fitness and healthy lifestyle, our boys enjoy PE, as well as playing soccer and running with the after school clubs. Athlos offers a well-rounded, holistic style of education that helps grow intelligent and healthy kids. We are grateful to live in the local area of this excellent school.

Jimmy and Uyen T.

parents, Chandler (Athlos)

Our family has been part of the Avondale campus since it opened. When our 2-year-old turns 5, he will start school there as well. It is great to be allowed to be in the classroom helping the teacher, and even helping the kids with their work. It also is interesting to see what parent-run, after school clubs are offered each year (Show choir and clogging? Who would have thought?) It is truly heartwarming to see a school with so much focus on family. It is a privilege to be a part of Legacy’s.

Rebecca A.

parent, Avondale

This is our first year at LTS, and I am seeing such academic growth in my children! They love teaching each other new ideas. On our way to school one morning, my fifth-grader used an analogy involving an ice cream survey to teach his second-grade brother the meaning of the word “bias”! It’s wonderful to see them apply the lessons from school into their everyday lives. Thank you LTS Avondale!

Ginger W.

parent, Avondale

My daughter thrives in the classroom. She rises to the high expectations the teachers set before her and is highly motivated by their positive attitudes, praise and personal characters. She started journaling so she could practice her handwriting and written communication skills on her own. She loves reading to her little sisters and even plays school at home where they are her students. My husband and I are very proud to have our daughter at Legacy.

Katie G.

parent, Maricopa

We now are in our third year at Athlos where all three of my children attend. I have watched them blossom and grow, both academically and in confidence-I believe due to the amazing teachers, wonderful curriculum and the emphasis placed on the importance of a great character. I love Athlos for the amazing gifts it is giving to my children.

Katherine K.

parent, Chandler (Athlos)

I teach my kids to be tolerant and accepting of all different kinds of people. Unfortunately, not all people share those beliefs. When we first enrolled our children at Legacy, I did so with hesitation and doubt. Yet all that changed the moment we walked onto the Gilbert campus. I teach Art Masterpiece lessons in a class where the children love art and love seeing me. That is acceptance. My shy, reserved teenage daughter tries out for a musical and makes the ensemble. That is acceptance. My Kindergarten child who suffers from separation anxiety does not cry anymore. That is acceptance. So, why do we love Legacy? Because Legacy loves US!

Lance H.

parent, Gilbert

What we love most about Legacy is the sense of community. Both of our boys know there are teachers and administrators who care about their success, and that they have to work hard to do well in school. They are learning so much more than what is taught in books; they are learning important character traits that will benefit them throughout their lives. My boys’ teachers all truly care about teaching, and about each and every child in the classroom.

Kathleen H.

parent, NW Tucson

Among the many things we love about LTS is the flag ceremony where the Pledge of Allegiance is recited every morning. What a great way to start the day, by learning the importance of patriotism and citizenship! Zane was given the opportunity to recite the school motto at flag ceremony last month in front of the whole student body. That was a real boost to his self confidence! We feel so lucky to be a part of the LTS-Avondale family! I know my son is in good hands while he is learning, growing and thriving.

Shelly H.

parent, Avondale

Making the decision to enroll our daughters at Legacy was one of the best we have made academically! Our daughters have excelled tremendously since they started. Legacy not only has a curriculum that works well, but our daughters have also learned it is important to show respect-for other people and their country. They recite the Pledge of Allegiance in front of the American flag as a sign of respect. They have grown so much because of Legacy; we can’t wait to see them accomplish so much more!

Kristina Grace N.

parent, Laveen

Who wouldn’t love a school that focuses on academic excellence, is no nonsense, teaches sports as a way of life and uses uniforms to break down barriers, display pride in one’s appearance, and prevent potential bullying for not wearing the ‘right’ clothes. As you can see, Alanah ‘hearts’ Athlos.

Ellen T.

parent, Chandler (Athlos)